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Promotion is a key feature to carry out Enterprises’ marketing campaigns. Promotion is not only helps sellers have the opportunity to consume goods quickly but also contribute to attract a large number of new customers to access and use their products.

I. Procedure of notification’s sales promotion

1. Ingredient of estimated dossier

- Notification of sales promotion.

- Dossier quantity: 01

2. The document-receiving agency:

- Department of Industry and Trade in which promotion is held

3. Estimated time

- 03 working days before conducting promotion

4. Result

- No result

II. Procedure of Registration’s sales promotion

1. Ingredient of estimated dossier

  • An application form for registration of sales promotion according to Form no.2 provided in the Appendix issued together with this Decree;
  • Documented rules of sales promotion ;
  • Proofs of prize winning or a detailed description of such proofs;
  • An uncertified copy of document of the promotional product as required by laws

2. The document-receiving agency:

  • For promotional games of chance conducted in the locality of a province or centrally-affiliated city: the Department of Trade and Industry;
  • For promotional games of chance conducted in localities of 2 or more provinces and centrally-affiliated cities and other types of promotional games of chance: the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

3. Estimated time

05 working days from the date the State agencies receives complete and valid dossier.

4. Result

Official letter confirming the registration of the promotion program


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