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Corporate & Investment

Vietnam’s low laborcosts, strong prospective growth and recent accession to the WTO Commitmentshave made it an ideal place for prospective investors to launch theircommercial operations. However, despite the attraction, investors are oftenfaced with procedures dense in regulatory compliance, governmental approvalsand administrative delays.

At VGCLaw, ourlawyers have the legal expertise to simplify this process. Together with our knowledge and know-how across industrial sectors, our lawyers are familiar with navigating through the mazeof Vietnamese regulations. Our impressive track record is the result of ourtried and true method of establishing some of the most successful companies inVietnam. To that end, we make it our aim to get our clients’ business up andrunning in the most time and cost efficient manner as possible.

Legal advice on investment is our core service. We have successes in supporting various investors in making investment decision and implement their project in Vietnam. Scope of service includes:

– Advising on appropriate Investment vehicle;

– Entry market survey, pre-feasibility study and feasibility study

– Advising on tax implication and investment incentives legal documents preparation.

– Proceed lincensing for Local enterprises;

– Proceed lincensing for foreign-invested enterprises, joint ventures;

– Establishment of branches, representative offices;

– Advising on post license activities and regulatory issues.

Investment in Vietnam

VGC targets to deliver professional legal services to all Cients, assuring that their issues could be resolved in the best maner. Bringing benefit to the Clients is our core value. VGC understands the highest concern of Clients when facing an arising legal issue is trying to solve it as soon as possible. VGC commits to timely and efficiently acts on Clients' stance. Clients' satisfaction is measurement of our VGC's value.

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